Hello, and thank you for your interest in joining the Big Sister Gulliver Minecraft server.

Our Big Sister Minecraft Gulliver Server began as an alternate mirror server (or "sister" server) for Gunia's Gulliver server (otherwise known as the "main" server), circa October 2013.  It has since branched off into its own micro-community, and currently boasts the latest Gulliver for Minecraft v1.6.4.  As of mid-January, the server is running Gulliver Forged with the intent of incorporating Forge Essentials in the near-future.

Below you can find the most comprehensive collection of guides and information for our Big Sister server, that may help you quickly set up and play:

Sister Server Setup

Server IP:

Whitelist Application Page:

Gulliver Forge Installation (required):
Optifine Installation (always helpful):

TabbyChat Installation (recommended to avoid Minecraft chat spam):


Main Forum


Planet Minecraft Page

Gunia Server Forum (the official Main Server forum, with references to Big Sister):

UncleMion's Gulliver Thread (for reporting bugs with the Gulliver Mod):


You can also ask about our Big Sister Discord channel!


  • HannahChi
  • spookster1
  • BurgerWarrior 
  • KaCii
  • lizeli9

  • Jammy_JGirl
  • Lomgren
  • TheHylianWizard
  • Minoriko [BurgerWarrior - Class A]
  • Kingking11 [BurgerWarrior - Class A]
  • Raddaman8000 [lizeli9 - Class A]
  • FlowerFaerie [lizeli9 - Class A]
  • The_Glitch [vacation - Class B]
  • Miisaka [vacation - Class B]
  • Flammole [vacation - Class B]
  • Keegwi [honorary - Class S]
  • Chicago [honorary - Class S]
  • invisibledragon [honorary - Class S]
  • ShadowScale [honorary - Class S]
  • SpitfireDust [honorary - Class S]
  • Elmira_ [honorary - Class S]
  • cayfie13 [honorary - Class S]
  • ciabatta1 [honorary - Class S]


Tips & Tricks
  • The server runs Gulliver v0.14.3 for Minecraft 1.6.4
  • It is required that you use the Gulliver-Forged version of v0.14.3
  • For the time being, the server runs Gulliver atop a largely vanilla environment.
  • The server is whitelisted, please refer to the application links above to get whitelisted.
  • The Big Sister server caters to many Minecraft gaming types, but strongly favors builders.
  • Spawnington is the name of the villager town at the world spawn.
  • The primary size changer in this world, the Size-o-Mat, is located to the left of the world spawn, going towards the World Tree.  All common sizes are offered free of charge.
  • "Cheese" is the official server currency, and cheese blocks (aka sponges) or blue cheese blocks (aka lapis lazuli blocks) are the official physical currency denominations.  These can be deposited or withdrawn from any Cheese ATM with no exchange rate.
  • Cheese can also be converted from other regional currencies, such as XP at the Spawnington Bank, "rupees" in the DRC Spawn or wheat at Lon Lon Ranch -- however, expect to lose at least half the value in exchange rates.
  • You can use Cheese to purchase items throughout the various shops around the server world, from diamonds at the Spawnington Mall jewelry store to wool at the DRC Spawn shop.  There is no central store containing everything, nor a single price for anything, so be sure to explore to find exciting new shops, or simply regular items at bargain prices!
  • Long-term players will be offered the option for a Safety Deposit Box (or "SDB"), offering these players a sizable anti-theft safe-box which only they can access.
  • Other fun and interesting server products for players will be coming soon.
  • The Big Sister server imported other server worlds, including the old Dravics' Gulliver Toe's world, so these are available for exploration and habitation.
  • The Dravics areas (renamed Dravics Refugee Camp, or "DRC") contain their own shops and games converted to the current server's format, so be sure to explore.
  • Please install Tabbychat as suggested above, it will be more useful than you think.
  • LittleBlocks is not included or supported on the Big Sister server.
  • PvP is enabled per the Main Server rules.
  • Resizing Dyes are not supported, per the Main Server rules.
  • The Big Sister server is not looking to support Moderator Applications, so those submitted for the Main Server will not be supported unless otherwise noted.
  • Be nice to other players and staff, and please do not grief or steal.
  • And please don't forget to have fun!

Little Brother Setup

We also offer a cutting-edge testing server called Little Brother that is used for testing and other special assignments. Currently it is being used for testing Vanilla snapshots and latest releases:

Check the forum for additional information about Little Brother.


You can also ask about our Little Brother Discord channel!